Shoe-Assistant Basic


With elegant clarity and wonderful design, the shoe-assistant takes a constant place in vestibules, corridors, dressing rooms or garages. The lean and silent servant appears tidy and functional. Directly within reach, it supports the simple change of shoes and often facilitates putting on and taking off well-fitted or tight shoes. Whether tight boots or lace-up shoes or sport shoes – the shoe-assistant is always at service with the correct height. Instead of consuming a lot of space in the middle of the room, it takes its place on the side. The moderate weight of five kilograms ensures a robust stand on the one hand, on the other hand it can be repositioned without problem with a handle and it can be put into the wanted position.

Its octagonal plateau-sole is made of quality steel is powder-coated and easy to clean. With timeless appearance it adapts to every furniture style and makes its users glad at daily routine jobs. Never before, the cleaning of shoes or a change of shoes has been so easy.
Practical. Innovative. Irreplaceable.


Additional information

Weight 13 kg